Online casino games: Will mobile phones win over computers when it comes to it?


There’s no denying it: while the internet has been instrumental in uniting the world, the real game-changer has been the development of wireless communications and the spread of smartphones and other devices such as tablets. 

The world of mobile gaming

It’s hard to imagine stopping this impressive development: the spread of smartphones has allowed us to do almost anything wherever we are. All it takes is an internet connection, and we can connect with our workgroup and set up a group video call, go shopping, or connect to our favorite online casino to play our favorite games. Especially in the iGaming sector, there have been a lot of changes: from physical casinos to browser gambling on PCs to the use of mobile apps on smartphones. There is a big variety of online casinos that offer their services to users. You can click here to find a few of the best options on the market to try for yourself.

The great thing is that the performance of the smartphones now matches that of dedicated consoles and computers, and even the games that run on them are no longer a second choice to the wired versions.

Data confirms this trend: mobile gaming is popular

The reports from the gaming industry show us that gaming is in colossal development in all its applications. The world of games for Android and iOS is worth 135.8 billion dollars, and it will still grow by an average of 10% per year until 2025. 

Specifically, the gambling sector is expected to do even better, increasing +11.46% per year. And interestingly, 46% of internet users admitted to gambling in the last month. When you cross this with the spread of devices in the population – where there are now more devices than people in many parts of the world – you can see how this trend can only lead to more online gambling through mobile phones and devices.

Surprising effects on users’ habits

What has changed a lot is the ease of use. Apps – those fabulous self-installing programs – have done the rest. Today, anyone can easily plug in their favorite app in no time at all. For example, we know that all major online casino operators have very sophisticated apps that allow access to their vast catalogs of games quickly and transparently.

This seems to be the real difference from before: the ‘casual’ use of the device to take a break from work and relax with a game is growing all the time and the fact that you can devote yourself to this pastime at any time and in any place, thanks to the possibilities of the wireless network.

In summary

As we have seen, there is a significant shift in media usage in the gaming sector, which comes from the technical evolution of the devices, and essentially causes our habits to change accordingly. The old fixed PCs are increasingly giving way to laptops, and the use of other means, such as devices, is becoming more and more widespread. 

This means that gradually, devices will supplant traditional computers in every field, and even in gaming, to be replaced in the future by something else, such as perhaps six sensors integrated with AR and VR systems. However, what is certain is that we still have a few years ahead of us to get used to the idea!