Responsible Gaming in New Zealand

While online casino gambling is fun and offers multiple chances of winning huge prizes, it can also be dangerous. If you experience any symptoms of gambling addiction, it’s important that you seek immediate help from professionals. Several reputable organizations are committed to helping players from New Zealand with gambling problems. Some of them  are:

Gambling Helpline New ZealandThis is a 24-hour helpline that offers counseling and encouragement to victims of gambling addiction. The organization also offers face-to-face help and can suggest different sources of assistance. Its support is available via email, SMS, telephone, or website at any time.

The Salvation Army New ZealandFor a long time, the Salvation Army has offered help to people with gambling problems. Its services are available via Freephone National Number 0800530000.

Problem Gambling Foundation of New ZealandThe main objective of this organization is to protect the vulnerable from exploitation by problem gambling. The organization believes that everybody in the community is entitled to social justice. Its highly qualified counselors are ready to provide professional assistance while maintaining strict confidentiality. The organization has grown and expanded its services for people with gambling addiction.

Choice Not Chance: This organization provides civic education and promotes awareness of gambling’s negative side. This is an important means of strengthening society’s response to gambling problems. You can report your concerns about a friend or family member, or share your own story to get help.