Top 5 Online Casino Games in New Zealand

Gambling is wildly popular in New Zealand, and an average adult spends close to $500 per year on different forms of wagering, including online casino games. Although not supported by local law, virtual gambling has been on a huge rise in the past years in the country. Locals are allowed to wager on the web, but as long as they do it on international websites. Thanks to the vast selection of online casinos that are accessible to New Zealanders, they can easily enjoy a large variety of games. Here are some of their favourites: 


Poker has been played in New Zealand since the 19th century, and given its long history in the area, it is surely one of the most popular card games among the locals. Kiwi people are particularly drawn to its different variations and some of their favourites are Texas Hold’Em, Stud poker, and Draw poker. 

The popularity of the game was boosted by the rise of many different tournaments that are organized around the world. The names of the locals can often be seen on the lists of participants, and the country is actually home to some of the best players on the globe. Poker fans are probably already familiar with the names like Lee Nelson, Tae Hoon Han, Neil Mcfayden, and others.


Blackjack is another card game adored by the Kiwis. Locals are particularly fond of it because it comes with great odds of winning. It’s played against the dealer, and its other name is 21. As the name suggests, if players want to win, they need to get a hand equal to or as close as possible to a score of 21 before the dealer. If the dealer gets a better hand, the player would lose.

Besides its classic variant, there are many exciting Blackjack games available in today’s online casinos, such as Vegas Strip Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Double Exposure, Progressive, Spanish 21, Multi-Hand, and many more. Moreover, there is also a live dealer version that is getting more and more attention among players. It’s designed for those who want to feel the thrill of a traditional casino floor while still enjoying the convenience of virtual gaming and their comfortable couch. 


Another type of game that resonates largely with Kiwi people is online pokies NZ, which, in the rest of the English-speaking world, is also known as slots. In New Zealand, the term pokies is used since the game is heavily associated with poker machines. 

The best thing about slots is their incredible ease of use, and when you pair that with pretty high winnings, it’s no wonder that the New Zealanders love them. Online pokies can be played in almost every web-based casino, and many websites offer hundreds of different titles you can enjoy. And while some players are comfortable with classic variants, others enjoy pursuing luck with exciting progressive jackpot titles, five-reel, 3D games, or VR slots. However, the most recognized versions are the classic slots, multi-payline, and progressive slots. 


Originating in the 17th century, roulette is one of the oldest casino games out there, and its popularity has only been growing ever since. Even though there are some strategies worth exploring, it is actually a luck-based game where players get to try their luck hoping to beat the table. 

The rules are fairly simple – while there are many ways to bet in Roulette, such as placing double, three, four, five, or six number bets, red or black, or similar, the most typical one is picking one number ranging from 0 to 36 and placing a bet on a table. To win, the player needs to guess the exact number where the ball will land.

Roulette is a popular category with online gambling sites, and thanks to the latest technologies, users from New Zealand can also enjoy advanced versions like live roulette and virtual reality roulette.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards or scratchies have been extremely popular ever since the first life-changing prize was awarded to a player who won a jackpot. 

However, the traditional version of the game was introduced in 1974 by Scientific Games Corporation – an American gaming company. The first online version was launched in 2010, and the technologies it used were Java and Macromedia Flash. Thanks to the skyrocketing rise of the internet, this category was also added to the online casino sphere. 

New Zealanders love trying their luck with online scratch cards, largely because of how simple they are. On top of that, the modern versions are usually enriched with fun themes that revolve around famous movies and other interesting stories.

Online casino games have been growing in popularity all over the world, and New Zealand is definitely part of the hype. The locals are crazy about many different games, including blackjack and pokies. Thanks to the convenience of virtual gambling sites, the locals can easily access their favourite picks.