Top 10 Podcasts about Gambling

Gambling is a risky thing. It can either take you all the way up to the sky or you can lose  everything. If you are a newbie, then taking your chances with it can be quite tricky. And for  those who say luck is everything, seems like you haven’t tasted an all-out defeat yet. Coming  straight to the point, for all the enthusiasts out there who want to test their luck Casino  martini offers Free spins on registration furthermore we have a list of top 10 gambling  podcasts for you to get insight on sports gambling in this article, we will go through some of  the most prominent and reliable gambling podcasts that may help you score some points for  yourself. Before starting, let’s get ourselves familiar with the concept of gambling podcasts. 

What is a Gambling Podcast? 

A gambling podcast is mainly, a home for uncensored betting, analysis, and opinions. You  can get proper betting analysis and opinions from betting experts and analysts. Normal  gamblers and betters can’t rely on their sheer luck only. They have to get familiar with the top  gambling strategies and tricks to get better outputs. Gambling podcasts simply do the job for  them by offering them the best tips, strategies, and assistance. A gambling podcast is an  extremely effective medium for bettors and gamblers. Now, what is it based on? The answer  is sports.  

Sports Gambling Podcast:

A sports gambling podcast, as the name indicates, is based on sports. Gambling is a term  mostly based on chances. Considering the fact that sports are based on the same thing, you  cannot find a better combination than this one. Just like a normal podcast, a sports gambling  podcast offers the best sports betting tips, predictions, analysis, and tricks. It is mainly an  online talk show that invites one or more experts in the field to discuss the best openings and  opportunities for sports bettors.  

The old sports betting podcasts used to cover prominent sports only but the current ones have  expanded their domain to local sports including college football, NBA, fantasy football, golf,  and many others.  

Now, let’s get to the point and look at some of the best sports gambling podcasts out there.  

Best Sports Gambling Podcasts: 

Gambling with an Edge: 

Now, this one is what you would call perfect. Gambling with an Edge is a top-rated sports  betting podcast show that covers almost all departments of sports betting. Broadcasting from  Las Vegas, the center of casinos and gambling, this show is the perfect destination for  professional bettors to sharpen their skills. You can find this show every Tuesday at 10 AM  PST.  

Professional Gamblers Bob Dancer: 

The main factor that ranks it at our top spot is the hosts. The show is hosted by professional  gamblers Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin. Both hosts are exceptionally skilled with 

expert knowledge in their field. Let alone, Bob Dancer is one of the leading analysts on sports  betting and one of the top-rated experts in his field. That’s not all. They invite various guests  including professional gamblers, casino managers, eccentric gamblers, and many other  enthusiasts.  

The show covers top-class betting strategies, expert reviews, accurate predictions regarding  pro sports all over the region.  

Overall, Gambling with an Edge is one of the best sports betting podcasts and is commended  by people all over the region. Without any doubt, it is one of the future award-winning  podcasts.  

Behind the Bets:

Starting with the best one, a sports gambling podcast has to be entertaining as well as  accurate. If you are seeking both things, then Behind the Bets is the perfect thing for you.  Hosted by Doug Kezirian, one of the leading gambling analysts on ESPN, this show can  make you earn some real money. The show mainly focuses on the world of Las Vegas  gambling and offers the most accurate predictions, analyses, and the most helpful tips about  your favorite casino games.  

Behind the Bets is considered the best gambling podcast by professional bettors all over the  region. This is due to the most accurate analysis and helpful hints by the guests. Not to forget,  the hosts alone are quite skilled and are ranked among the top-rated analysts. 

Bet the Process: 

For the next betting podcast, we have Bet the Process. Now this one is hosted by Jeff Ma and  Rufus Peabody, two names who don’t need any sort of introduction at all. Still for your info,  these two are known as eccentric bettors who love playing with risks. These two just love  giving their critical opinions on wagers.  

Speaking about wagers, Bet the Process is one of the best places for gambling enthusiasts  everywhere. You can get the best ratings, analysis, and numbers that will give you a high  chances of winning. Other than that, the show offers some great moments of humour for  listeners so there is absolutely no chance of you not liking it. One special thing about the  show is its most accurate betting strategies.  

Overall, Bet the Process is an amazing sports podcast to watch for all the bettors out there and  a strong contender for future award-winning podcasts.  

Against All Odds: 

On the next spot, we have Against All Odds. Against All Odds is known for its top-rated  betting analysis and best tips and tricks. This show is hosted by Cousin Sal who keeps the 

entertainment factor at its top. The other thing is handled by their guests who are experts in  their field.  

The special thing about their show is that it is not limited to any specific sports type. Instead,  it covers almost all the major sports from NBA to soccer and football as well. That’s not all to  it. It even covers the unorthodox ones like eating challenges and others.  

The guests offer their sharp opinions and the latest news to their listeners. They offer the best  sportsbook reviews with breaking news analysis on the latest major sports. That’s not all they  offer. Against All Odds has an ocean of listeners all over the world which includes sports  fans, professional gamblers, and bettors. Overall, Against All Odds is one strong contender  for the best sports gambling podcast. 

The Sports Gambling Podcast: 

Here is the third one on the list. The show works the same way as the name indicates. The  Sports Gambling Podcast offers multiple episodes on weekly basis and covers almost all the  leading sports and games. They also offer the best Las Vegas news for casino bettors. With  Sean Green as the host and Ryan Kramer acting as the co-host, this show is really something  worth going through. A special thing about this show is that they offer expert analysis with  the latest big game previews in front of their audience. 

That’s not all of it. They also offer free picks on the show and this is one of the main reasons  why people follow them. The show not only makes you learn helpful hints about the recent  games, but they also offer the most accurate predictions regarding sports picks and match  results. With more than 10,000 followers, The Sports Gambling Shows is without any doubt,  one of the best shows for professional betters and gamblers.  

Gamble On: 

The next spot is secured by Eric Raskin’s top-rated show Gamble On. Gamble On is known  for its accurate sports predictions, expert analysis, and helpful sports betting tips and tricks.  The show features Eric Raskin and John Brennan who are among the top journalists. Both  hosts have excellent synergy and cover the whole sports betting industry with their guests. 

Their guests are not limited to any specific field but they invite people including expert  bettors, media analysts, bookmakers, and others. They cover sports including college  basketball, fantasy sports, NBA playoffs, and many others.  

Overall, Gamble On is a great platform for professional gamblers. If you are looking for a  sports gambling podcast with an equal share of humor as well as accurate results, then you  better now forget to go through this one.  

BetQL Daily: 

On the next spot, we have BetQL Daily. Hosted by Joe Ostrowski with his co-host Ryan  Horvat, this show is the real deal. You can get the best analysis and the most accurate betting  predictions on your favorite sports and games. Besides this, the show offers a great  environment full of jokes and humor to its listeners. You can listen to this show from 10 Am  to noon on weekdays. So, you better save some time for it from your routine. Coming to the  guests, they invite some of the world’s top sports betting individuals for their top-class  opinions and analysis.  

College Football:

The special thing about BetQL Daily is its Best Bet segment. The segment covers the biggest  games and events of that day and you also get expert analysis on pro sports as well as minor  sports including pro football, college football, basketball, and many others.  

Overall, BetQL Daily is a perfect blend of expert analysis on sports wagering, accurate  predictions, and humor. If you are looking for all the factors in one thing, then this may be  the right place for you. 

Ross Tucker Football Podcast: 

There is no one familiar with a game that its former player. The same can be said for this  thing here. On the next spot. We have the Ross Tucker Football Podcasts. As mentioned  earlier, no one can describe a game better than its former player. And in case you don’t know,  Ross Tucker is a former American football player well known in his playing tenure.  

Ross Tucker Sports Betting: 

Available on multiple platforms, Ross Tucker Football Podcast carries out an in-depth  analysis on sports betting. However, in this case, the show is all about football. So for all the  football enthusiasts out there who want to score some points, here is the perfect thing for you.  

With the football season around, there is nothing better than going through Ross Tucker’s  Football Podcast.  

Overall, if you are interested in football and want to be among the winners, then Ross Tucker  Football Podcast is the right place for you.  

Bang the Book Betting Podcast:

The next seat is secured by Bang the Book Betting Podcast. Now this one is another great  pick for you guys. Originated in New York City, it is a radio show, that mainly covers almost  all the pro sports. They offer the best analysis and opinions to professional bettors out there in  York city. One special thing about them is their sharp and intelligent guests who possess  some good knowledge about the current betting market, its ups, and downs.  

Hosted by Adam Burke, the podcast offers free picks at the end of every show.  

They cover multiple sports including NBA, NFL, UFC, baseball, and even college basketball.  They even focus on minor sports segments including NBA playoffs and NHL playoffs.  

Overall, Bang the Book is an excellent choice for all sports fans who like don’t like losing  and a strong contender for a future award-winning podcast.  

Dream Preview Sports Podcast: 

Do you want to win better at Las Vegas casinos? Well, here is the right thing for you. Dream  Preview is one of the best betting assistance platforms for newbie bettors. They offer the best  assistance from some of the leading analysts and bookmakers in the gambling market. Hosted  by RJ Bells, Dream Preview can make you a successful bettor in no time. 

Professional bettors Steve Fezzik and Brad Powers are invited as special guests to the show.  Both are experts in the field and offer useful techniques, tips, and strategies to make you  better in the game.  

Overall, Dream Preview is a great show for sports betters and is a strong contender for future  award-winning podcasts.